Modern day recruitment – more about tech and less about people!

December 2022
There is no doubt that technology has hugely impacted the recruitment process for many hiring managers in the last decade, with the pandemic only supercharging this growing trend.

Ai is all well and good, but think what harm it might be doing to your business

Reliance on Artificial Intelligence is now common in modern hiring, with the AI machine saying “yes” or “no” throughout the recruitment process, from application, interview(s) and any tests required for the role. But with the rise of AI, is skilled recruitment becoming a waning skill and could this be damaging your business?

Believe it or not, with some recruitment apps, applicants can submit their CV directly to the Client without an actual flesh and blood Recruiter ever seeing them! Seriously, where’s the skill in that?! In our opinion, you might as well slap the vacancy on a job board yourself, add a few keywords and hope for the best.

It’s the human aspect that really makes a difference. A good Recruiter will take the time to understand both their Clients’ and Candidates’ needs and will be alert to the subtle human nuances – from both their Client and their Candidates – that give a feel of the “right fit” or not.

In our view, you cannot beat the face-to-face video interview – looking somebody directly in the eye can sometimes speak a thousand words and gives us the insight that we need as good Recruiters to really get the measure of our applicants.

Technology can no doubt streamline recruitment processes and make them more efficient, and indeed expand the reach of certain roles, but a good Recruiter’s intelligence is innate, not artificial.

After all, recruitment – like our strapline says – is all about people.