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Your company is different to every other company out there. You’re unique. That’s why it’s a bit difficult to quote for our service without a bit more information from you. If you call us on 01270 44 55 99 or complete our short form by clicking the button below, we can get back to you straight away with a charge rate for your vacancy.

But we can tell you this…

We offer our Clients three different methods of Recruitment; temporary, temporary to permanent and permanent. Each of these works slightly differently in terms of the way that they are charged to you. Find out more about these different methods below…

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Temporary Recruitment

This is mostly used by Clients who have an ad hoc requirement for staff, where workload fluctuates over the year or the need for additional staffing is short-term. Assignments can be as short as a day, or, for longer-term requirements, may be booked on a week-by-week basis.

Candidates are sourced, pre-screened, interviewed in line with your job description and referenced prior to being submitted to you for approval (this is a very simplified version of what we actually do for our Clients).

Fees for this service are based on the Temporary Worker’s hourly salary plus any employment costs (such as Employers National Insurance, WTR entitlement (holiday pay), pension contribution, SSP etc) and an element to represent the agency’s profit maragin (don’t worry – this is never as much as people expect!) and are charged weekly in arrears to you.

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Temporary to Permanent Recruitment

This model is used by companies who want to take on a permanent member of staff, but want to ensure that the Candidate is the perfect fit for their company before entering into a permanent employment relationship with them.

The recruitment process and fees work in the same way as the Temporary Recruitment model and you can arrange with your Consultant how and when you want to take on the Temporary Worker permanently.

In both the Temporary and Temporary to Permanent Recruitment models, the Temporary Worker is engaged by the agency. You don’t need to worry about their payroll or employment status. We’ll even take care of Human Resource functions where necessary.

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Permanent Recruitment is slightly different and is often used for higher level positions or where a Client wants to assess a Candidate for a role themselves.

We work with you to draft job descriptions and to get an idea of the type of person you are looking for – not just in terms of experience, but also in terms of their career aspirations, their values and their culture fit. This may take a number of conversations between you and your Consultant, so please be patient – taking a little more time at the outset is worth it to get the perfect member of staff.

Candidates are sourced, pre-screened, interviewed and, where required, tested, prior to their details being submitted to you by email or telephone.

Any fee you pay for Permanent Recruitment will be protected by a rebate scale, so, if the Candidate does not work out, we will refund the fee you have paid accordingly.

You may wish to interview the Candidate yourself to ensure that they are spot on. We can organise this for you and, if necessary, will organise second / third interviews as well. We will also provide you with frank and honest feedback from the Candidate following their interview to help you make your decision. We will also handle any Candidate rejections and counter-offers on your behalf until you are happy that we have found the ideal Candidate for your vacancy.

Fees are charged as a percentage of the Candidate’s first year’s annual salary. This will be negotiated between you and your Consultant, and will only be paid once the successful Candidate has started working with you.

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Who is the Absolute Solutions Group?

In short, a capable, experienced, focused group of Recruitment companies, uniquely and genuinely characterised by ethics and pride in service.


Founded in 2003, the Absolute Solutions Group comprises Absolute Recruitment, Meadowbank Associates, Absolute Health and Care and Absolute Driving in Crewe, and Bralin Recruitment in Winsford.

The Group was founded on the basis of ethics and was committed to creating an environment that looked after not only its Clients, but also its Candidates and employees. This approach is embodied in our ethos, ‘it’s all about people’, which is instilled into each and every Consultant who joins any one of our Group companies.



Whilst each Group company operates autonomously and within their own particular specialist sectors, they cooperate with each other to ensure that their Clients benefit not only from the combined expertise of all group Consultants, but also from the Candidate database of five separate recruiting offices covering three counties.

What makes us different?


People are at the centre of everything that we do. After all, without people, we don’t exist.
That’s why we form meaningful relationships with Candidates, Clients and colleagues the moment they come into contact with the Absolute Solutions Group.

It’s not rocket science; by making the effort to get to know our Candidates, by treating them with the respect they deserve and taking a genuine interest in them, we find out more about them and what makes them tick in a work environment. We identify better Candidates because we know them properly. We also offer them a choice of Assignments to help them develop their career. They can work on self-employed contracts or under PAYE contracts – whatever works best for them.

Then there’s our Clients; so many agencies see their Clients only in terms of their financial value. But we want our Clients to come back to us time and again, and to achieve that we need to do a good job from the first assignment onwards. We figure that we can only do a good job if we get to know our Clients properly, their business and the way they work. That’s why we actually listen. We don’t just tell our Clients what we can do for them. We listen to what they need from us.

This isn’t just a nice way to work; it’s a tried and tested technique that achieves results. We’ve built a successful group of companies on this ethos.

We’re just surprised all recruiters don’t work the same way.


We make a promise to each and every Client and Candidate.
Our promise clearly outlines what you can expect of our Group and covers all key ingredients which go into creating the Absolute Solutions Group experience…

On top of that each member of our team adds their own individual promises which personalises the service you can expect from them.

We promise to:

  • Ensure our Clients businesses are fully compliant with all current legislation concerning temporary or permanent placements
  • Be open, honest and transparent in all our dealings with you
  • Take time to listen and fully understand your requirements
  • Give clear timelines and set deadlines in everything we do for you
  • Be upfront about what we can and can’t do for you
  • Provide expert advice and guidance in order to help our Candidates achieve a temporary or permanent position
  • Painstakingly select applicants so they exactly match the requirements of the position
  • Support Candidates with advice and information about routes back into employment or taking the next step in their career
  • Provide full, frank feedback on interviews
  • Treat you with respect and dignity at all times