What makes
us unique...

We are people that deal with people. Since 2003, we have grown to become one of the largest independent
Recruitment companies in the North West – serving Cheshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire.

This is our promise to our Candidates, Clients and Colleagues:

Absolute Clarity

At the Absolute Solutions Group, we will always be transparent and crystal-clear in all our dealings; we believe that working relationships should be built upon trust and clarity in order to maximise their success.

People are the most important part of any business, so recruiting the best people in the most effective way is what we strive to deliver every day. No person or business is the same, but by retaining a loyal and experienced team of Recruitment professionals that will get to know you, we are best placed to secure high quality staff for your organisation.

We can assist with temporary, temporary-to-permanent or permanent recruitment.



Absolute Loyalty

Our team of Recruitment Consultants has been with us for an average of 7 years; that’s almost unheard of in the Recruitment industry! This team of hard-working, committed and loyal Recruiters understand the importance of finding the right Candidates for the right vacancies and they are the reason for our continued success.

Our Clients don’t get passed from pillar to post. You will get to know key and experienced members of our team and deal with them on a regular basis, so the recruitment process becomes smoother every time.

Knowing both our Clients and Candidates so well means that we will intuitively know if a position is right for both parties.

Absolute Honesty

People are at the centre of everything we do; after all, without people, we do not exist. We are 100% honest with both our Candidates and our Clients. We are not commission led. Putting the wrong person into the wrong position is not a sustainable business model. Candidate and Client satisfaction are fundamental to us and will mean repeat business and repeat revenue. That is why we are one of the most dependable recruitment companies in the North West with a local knowledge that is second to none.



Absolute Dependability

With a 99.6% vacancy fulfilment rate*, our team are all skilled seekers, screeners and introducers who are friendly, experienced and trustworthy. Their focus on truly listening to their Clients means that they completely understand exactly what Clients and Candidates are looking for.

If you have an urgent temporary staffing requirement or are seeking to recruit a permanent member to your senior management team, you can dependent on the Absolute Group of companies.

*Vacancies filled within requested timescale which resulted in engagement for entirety of Assignment (temporary / temporary to permanent) or which resulted in successful employment beyond six months (permanent) between 2nd January – 27th December 2019

Absolute Collaboration

The only way we can do a good job is if we get to work in true partnership with our Clients; it’s crucial that we understand their business, their objectives and the way that they work. We don’t tell - we listen and we learn. Being a successful Recruitment company relies on repeat business and long-term relationships, so we work in partnership with you from the first assignment onwards, continually listening as your business needs change.


Absolute Passion

We really love what we do and our passion will shine through to you and be reflected in the results we achieve. We live and breathe our work. When we find the absolute best Candidates to fill the perfect positions in our Clients’ companies, their businesses performs just that little bit better. And their success becomes our success.

Absolute Fit

Just as no one company is the same, no one person is alike. People are brilliant, complex, individual and unique. We recognise this, and it has shaped every aspect of how we work. Recruitment isn’t a rigid process. A one-sizefits-all approach cannot work for every Client, but neither can it work for every Candidate – or, indeed, every Recruiter.

To be truly effective, a good Recruiter will respond specifically to the individual they are working with and adopt a fluid approach that can adapt to each situation.

And a good Recruiter will be on hand to advise their Clients and Candidates. We’re not just here to take orders for staff and robotically fill bookings; we’re here as experts in our industry, to make helpful suggestions that might improve results and save time, effort and money. We pride ourselves on not forcing the person to fit the process; we adapt the process to fit the person.

Recruitment isn’t just about job descriptions, box-ticking and structure. It’s all about people. And so are we


Theo Pathitis

Chairman, Theo Pathitis Retail Group
April 2020

Absolute Recruitment has been a valued supply chain partner of the Theo Paphitis Retail Group for over 15 years.

A strong supply chain is key to success in retail and Absolute have proved time and again that they are strong link in ours, providing a regular supply of daily workers which has been in excess of 250 per day at peak trading times, to our distribution operation in Crewe, Cheshire. They have shown that they are passionate about the way that people are treated and have demonstrated the high level of reliability that is essential in any successful supply relationship.

Good luck for the future, Absolute. Keep doing what you’re doing. It works