UK unemployment levels at record low

Official figures released this week show that the UK’s unemployment rate is at it’s lowest for 45 years, standing at just 3.8%.

Between January and March, 37.2m people over the age of 16 were in work; 354,000 more than the same period last year.
Whilst these figures are encouraging and show an increased willingness amongst employers to maintain growth plans for 2019, there are signs that employers are being more cautious when it comes to making permanent employment offers, demonstrated by a significant growth in temporary placements via recruitment agencies during April.

Due to Brexit uncertainty during the first few months of the year, many UK employers had been staving off making new hires and had significantly reduced the usage of temporary labour, but, since the extension of the Brexit deadline, April and May have seen this trend reversed resulting in impressively low unemployment and inactivity levels in the UK market.

Official sources, however, have drawn attention to the fact that this has resulted in very little spare capacity in the labour market, which means that any prospective spike in economic activity may result in hard times for employers wanting to attract additional staff as the economic outlook improves.

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