Quality Recruitment Agency

Right and wrongs of quality recruitment

Looking for staff to support your business? You must ensure that you choose an agency that will deliver a quality recruitment experience.

But what should you expect from an temporary Recruitment agency? An ethical staffing service? A compliant Recruitment agency? Their employees to be paid their correct wages with holiday pay without avoiding the agency avoiding their statutory obligations?

Surely that’s a given?

You’d think it was obvious, wouldn’t you? You place an order for staff, they turn up and the agency consistently conducts itself in a legal and compliant manner.

But not all recruitment agencies deliver quality recruitment.

How cheap is too cheap?

You may opt to use a cheaper agency in order to keep overheads down and profits up. Okay, half the time, the staff you order might not turn up, but you expect that with a cheap supplier don’t you?

The problem is, they aren’t actually cheaper in the long run. In fact, nine times out of ten, they work out far more expensive because of the added on-cost to their Clients associated with cheap, shoddy Recruitment.

But how do you know how cheap is too cheap? Check out this link, https://bit.ly/2ZzCZqz, published by the Gangmaster and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA). If your agency is not charging you at least these rates, chances are there is something dodgy going on that could have serious repercussions for your company.

The Major Warning signs

There are other signs to look out for as well.

If you see all the agency Workers being dropped off in cars, chances are, the agency is organising the transport illegally. Did you know that it’s illegal for the agency to organise transport (whether in their own cars or by organising car share schemes on Workers’ behalf) unless they hold a Private Hire Operators Licence? Did you know that, if there was an accident and a Worker becomes injured – or worse! – insurance would not protect them. If you were found to be complicit, then it wouldn’t protect you either.

But if the Recruitment service is cheap, it’s tempting to turn a blind eye, right?

What is the cost to your company?

What cost to your company if this new supplier doesn’t provide the quantity or quality recruitment of staff you need?

Have you thought of the cost of delayed fulfilment, production, packing or order picking?

If HMRC comes knocking at your door because the agency you trusted has been saving money by using illegal tax avoidance schemes, what is the cost to your company?

The answer is, significantly more that if your company chose an ethical reliable recruitment agency is the first place. After all, if HMRC can’t claim the money from the Recruitment agency, who do you think they will come to next?

pay peanuts, get monkeys without quality recruitment
is quality recruitment worth the price?

Their cost cutting measures

The trouble is, there’s a reason why these agencies can’t guarantee a good service. If they save money by either:

• Operating illegal transport schemes,
• Not screening or referencing their Workers properly,
• Finding out too little information, or even not interviewing, the prospective employee,
• Failing to pay them holiday pay or operating a compliant payroll service,
• Not providing people who can communicate properly with either the agency, their co-Workers or representatives of your company

…then how can they possibly guarantee you the best service possible – or even have a chance at offering just an ‘okay’ service?

Quality Recruitment

Should the rate you are being charged be lower than the average, it’s almost guaranteed that the service you receive will be lower than average.

If you are looking for a cheap, non-compliant, unethical, exploitative Recruiter, where profit is more important that providing good service, it’s probably best to leave this site.

Or, if you are looking for a quality recruitment agency, then we look forward to hearing from you. You can contact us here!

But if you understand that a good Recruitment service doesn’t come cheaply and that by paying a reasonable charge rate you can rest assured that you are working in partnership with a Recruiter that will provide the staff you need when you need them, that cares about its Workers welfare, that will never leave you vulnerable to failed audits, HMRC assessments or National Minimum Wage inspections, then give me a call on 01270 509 266, or email at jessica@absol-group.com